by Walter Beckley


Couples and intimate friends often times use sexual games as a way to build their sexual repertoire as well as create a means for open communication and dialogue.  This article will inform you of some of the seductive and tantalizing games out there for your enjoyment, or at least give you a reminder of some of those favorites from the past and inspire you to play them again!

Truth or Dare:  Awww….one of the classics, and a great way to learn more about your partner, or partners.  To play, two or more people are needed, and each player gets a turn to pick either TRUTH or DARE.  If one should chose truth, the other player (or players) can use their vivid imagination to ask the first player a personal and telling question about themselves, usually sexual in nature.  Questions can range from “What is your favorite sexual fantasy?” to “Do you have any sexual fetishes?”  If the player on the spot decides to forego answering the question, a DARE is in order.  Some fun ideas for dares are striptease and lap dance.

Naked Twister:  Remember this game from your youth?  The one that had you and your friends intertwining your contorted bodies like a collection of human pretzels all for the sake of making sure your right hand landed on green and your left leg was on yellow?  And just about each round was concluded in everyone toppling over in hysterical leaps of laughter?  Well, it’s time to pull the old game out of the closet, brush off the cobwebs, and now play it in the nude with a loved one (or in some cases, loved ones).  Spin the wheel, and let your crazy, pliable limbs land wherever the little red arrow indicates them to go.  Just don’t poke someone’s eye out, or fall over and lose the game.  Also, if you’re playing to win, or you just want to do this for fun, you can distract your lover by kissing, tickling, lovingly biting, licking, nuzzling, or brushing up against them.  To increase your sexual stamina be sure to visit: to learn how to be the life of your next sexual encounter.

Sexy Board Games:  There are different ways you can go about this.  One of them is to take a regular board game like Monopoly and change the rules.  Add sexual content:  rewards, penalties, stripping, sexual favors, and whatever you and your partner might find fun and exciting.  Personalizing it is all part of the fun!  Another way to go is to buy a sexual board game someone already created.  These can be found just about everywhere around Valentine’s Day, but you can still find them somewhere the rest of the year.  And lastly, you can create your own sexual board game from scratch using your own dice, homemade cards, body parts, and creativity.

Role Playing or Fantasy Games:  This is a great way to go because your imagination can run wild.  You and your partner can discuss your greatest fantasies and put them into action. You can create various scenes, situations, characters, etc.  Blindfolds, silk scarves, roses, costumes, lingerie, chocolate, erotic foods, fragrances, and other props may be needed.

Pick a Fantasy From a Hat:  This is actually a great game to play in order to diffuse arguments.  You and your partner think up things you’d like the other to do to you sexually or sensually.  Each idea you and your partner have, write it down on a little piece of paper.  Keep all these little pieces of paper somewhere special where you can easily pull them out.  Now, anytime one of you starts an argument or has been a little less than kind to the other, the wounded party gets to take out all their little pieces of paper and put them in a hat.    The other partner closes their eyes, chooses from the sea of fantasies, pulls out one of the papers, and makes their loved one’s sexual desire a reality!

Have fun!
Walter Beckley

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